The Top Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Staging Tips You Need to Know

Listing your home during the holidays is a bit chaotic. Once the end of November rolls around, it feels like you’re tackling a never-ending to-do list until the New Year. Throw selling your home into the mix, and you’ll never get a second to breathe!

Selling during the holidays doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you take the right steps to close that sale quickly and for top dollar. I have a few holiday staging tips that are simple, affordable, and won’t take up too much of your time!

Invite Buyers Inside with a Cozy Vibe

Candles with small bird house and pine cones

The Main Line can get a little chilly, especially during the holiday season. This is a stellar opportunity to invite buyers inside and make them feel warm and cozy. Stage your home as if it’s an intimate escape from the harsh weather—it’ll make your space feel so much more welcoming.

Wondering how to enhance that cozy mood? Make your home feel neutral yet also lived-in. Strike the perfect balance by adding a wreath to your door, lighting a scented candle, or simmering cider on the stove before a showing. Buyers will never want to leave—and they might even want to make an offer on the spot.

Add Some Decor—But Not Too Much

Follow holiday staging tips to achieve an appropriate tree.

It’s pretty easy to add some holiday decor to your home, but it’s also tempting to go overboard. If you’re an over-the-top decorator, you might want to save the tinsel and gaudy ornaments for your new home. Buyers like a neutral space, but it’s okay to add some nice holiday touches.

Feel free to add a Christmas tree—just make sure it doesn’t overwhelm the space. If your living room is a bit small, you might want to consider a tabletop or miniature tree. Wreathes, candles, pinecones, and nutcrackers are also a fantastic way to bring in some appropriate holiday cheer.

Clear the Holiday Clutter

Holiday staging tips create a clutter-free living room

As the holiday season approaches, our homes tend to get cluttered with more stuff than usual. Think: presents, large boots and coats, and an overabundance of decorations. Now is a good time to pare down your stuff, especially those Santa figurines you haven’t brought out in 20 years.

When you’re staging your home, a good rule to follow is making sure it’s “hotel clean.” The perfect hotel room is free of clutter and totally spotless, but also has just enough decor to make you feel at home. Use this philosophy at home and clear out anything buyers won’t want to see—it’ll help you sell in a flash!

Looking for More Holiday Staging Tips?

I hope these holiday staging tips have given you plenty of decorating inspiration! It might seem challenging to sell during the winter months, but it can be easy with the right agent.

Looking for a Main Line real estate agent who will help you sell for top dollar? I’m Tammy Harrison, and I have years of experience helping my clients sell their homes from start to finish. Feel free to give me a call or check out my seller resources—I can’t wait to hear from you!

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